Temple of the First Cause
Temple of the First Cause


A place dedicated to a special purpose.


A person, event, or condition responsible for an action or result.
(The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition 1976)


The universe holds mystery unexplained by the formal systems of philosophy. Emotional passion, experience of beauty , joy of children, dance of life, art of being:

.    .   .  . ..ripple in still water.. .  .   .    .

Philosophy, taken for absolute, denies the infinite progression of possibility spawned in our constant attempt to capture some aspect of universal "Truth". Reality is informed by the story that we tell, the mythic patterns that we weave over and over in strands of ever enriching metaphor. Gods abound

Metaphysics (Existence Exists)

A is A
A is a symbol Do not equate maps with territories.
A = A Dogma and perception do not change identity.
A = {A,~A} Identity depends on both A and not-A.
A = F(a) The Universe changes.
A = ? A symbol can represent anything.



You are alone
only you can
feel your feelings
think your thoughts
move your body
You are alone
be not afraid



I always liked the quote embroidered on my mother's guest tablecloth,

"If you won't go away and leave me alone, I'll find someone who will!" - Robert Kelly

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