Temple of the First Cause

The Universe is rich beyond comparison,
like orange almond mocha fudge
and fresh horse manure.
It is best described by silence.
Listen to the spaces between the leaves,
to the grime beneath the passing car's wheels,
to the light resting on your lover's cheek.


I am alone
only I can
feel my feelings
think my thoughts
move my body
I am alone
I am not afraid

Passion and light

I stand naked before you
Passion flows from my freed soul
Drips in purple waves
to the unbridled pool at your feet

Light pours from your brillrray methodsiant eyes
Your spirit envelopes mine
an amber aura
of tenderness, clarity and joy

And we meld
Passion and light
a crimson column of life
lifting into eternity


For what is life if not art

if not the ebb and flow
the softly sweet intertwine
the triumphant fall and rhythmic beat

if not the drunken bum
asleep in his own urine
between towers of concrete and steel

if not the dance of leaves
the frisky buff of autumn
along a wooded lane of solid oak

if not the touch of souls
telling passion of life's love
and tender nurture of childrens' growth

if not the ebb and flow
the softly sweet intertwine
the triumphant fall and rhythmic beat

Wet Thoughts

the wet shines, warms my heart
damp grows through my cloak with
each spark of cold liquid
My head reels in the dark
and my thoughts are rampant,
...scattered leaves beneath boots


child yet to be
how is it that
your eyes unknown,
still tender,
touch my heart
your gentle hand
my soul

love, Papa (11/90)


Hot dust floats in stratified air

and living motes, languid,...twist

drifting through an arid landscape.

Slow rarefied moisture gathers.

One pensive droplet condenses

glittering, it pauses, then falls.

Gentle rain patters, living wet.

Each droplet's cool splashing rapport

reflecting sentiments of soul.

Random courses trace sensual paths

Flowing and merging finally

to flooding torrents and the sea.

Tides ebb, seeping deep into earth.

Delicate spangled flowers bloom

quenching a mind's arid landscape


Lover's Passages

A couple's feet walk a convergent path
Their light steps, dew fresh in the daybreak sun,
Echo down moondark ways of ancient love.
Life's travels find two, pausing in silence
Before precipitous intimacy.
Somber masks fall, they play with childlike joy
Discovering time-lost secret gardens,
An unknown joy that rents complacent souls
A searing pain that heals forgotten wounds.
Young lovers, delight in each other and
Drink deeply from Eros' earth rich cordial.

An evening with Bethami ...

I held my soul closer to yours
and you caressed it tenderly.
Rooted deep into timelessness
I opened to infinity.

Mirth escaped from my freed being
A child smiled, cuddled in her arms
Your soul lay against me smiling
And mine lay aback from your charms

I touched, and your breasts responded
extending toward my taught body
our passions rose and blended
then you gently pushed me away.

... And I gladly let your soul go
I assured you of your beauty
love is love and may it be so.


array methods Mother Earth hips'
playful bump,
finds his fuzzy bum
against cold shower walls.
Smirking after
little lies,
Mischievous Wench!
she holds forth no mercy.

Patience nurtures
Mama's child
Milk across the floor?
It's OK, come and help me.
Where's my beeper?
she had it
Kira Jane Dillon!
Come here you bugaboo.

Modem Junky
is wired
wants "Twenty-eight-eight"
early morning lurking.

Exploring circuits
machines, pumps
She learns the answers
for lame midnight callers
Standing head-up
job well done
Her work-ethic strong
may idiots be damned!

Crazed bomber down
mud-slewn slopes
Her Can-do spirit
finds her head over cleats.
She perseveres
up steep rocky trails
capturing high vistas

Lauren (7/25/96)

Woman, how you do surprise me,
the timid masked exterior,
the hard alabaster surface,
haven to a belly dancer.

I am as a child before you,
having waited still and patient,
to watch with astonishment and
quiet, bemused adoration

As your tender foot's rhythmic pulse,
following the mother earth dance,
senses her pungent life's blood path
with luxurious extension.

Your slow methodical tendrils
questing the uncertain future
insisting on tangible answers
until I gently reach to touch.

Love, Indigodruid

Out beyond ideas
of wrong doing and right doing
...there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language,
even the phrase 'each other'
doesn't make any sense.

Love, Lauren (quote from Rumi)

Philosopher (3/30/98)

Principles qua Principles
philosopher's bane
metaphysical crack cocaine

See the Forest for the Trees
ghosts of mental lapse
Pursue the art of meta-maps

Pipe Dreams

Pipe dreams
paths not followed
lingered on
soft, sweet and hallowed

The Fire (7/4/2007)

Helicopter sound, hypnotic, throbbing
adrenaline fires determined pilots
holding the ridge, bucket by bucket
cold, clear, flame quenching, water

I grimace, heartened, and clear another yard
... of kindling and brush
until the fire crests above us
...then I gather my family, and we leave