sigil Judgement Parity


The mental ability to perceive and distinguish relationships or alternatives; discernment; the capacity to make reasonable decisions, especially in regard to the practical affairs of life; wisdom.
(The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition 1976)


Equivalence, corresondence.
(The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition 1976)


"You are not the helpless babeling infant you once were. You have traveled far, met with the strange and unknown, transcended beyond your horizons. You stand now a hero in the wilderness. You wear powerful armor constructed by your own hand. You are master of the weapons at your side.

You sense a stranger in the distance and the familiar shroud of still quiet mist envelops your soul. You are obscured, but so is the stranger. You must judge quickly. Has it seen you? If it has, will it seek interaction or avoidance? If it seeks interaction, will it choose trade or battle? If it chooses trade, can you trust it? How far? What if it is niether merchant nor warrior but thief?

A figure emerges, approaching slowly, hands open and apart. It is a gesture of peace and you relax slightly. It appears to be a woman. She stops and appraises you, softly smiling, unconcerned by your aggressive stance. She notices you staring at a broach on her left shoulder. She reaches up and removes it, holding it forward for you to take.

The broach was obviously crafted by a true master. Your heart skips a beat as you recognize the sign of the Extropian Underground. You scan the broach and as the keys synchronize you know you have found The Teacher. You drop to your knees and the woman before you bursts into uncontrolled laughter..."

- Tales of the Meta Path

Why Judgement Parity?

Trust is one of the most cherished human values. It is also one of the most difficult to obtain. Trust is based upon the recognition that another being shares your values, that they will apply these values to "distinguish relationships", "discern", and "make reasonable decisions". In other words that they have good judgement.