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(found in the technical support pages of a PC-clone manufacturer)

Whenever I turn on my system, the error message "Ram Parity Error. Press F1 to continue or escape to turn off NMI." appears on my screen. How do I correct this?

This error may be caused by an incorrect BIOS setting in CMOS setup. To correct this issue:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Esc to enter the CMOS setup.
  2. Select "Advanced System Configuration" from the CMOS menu and press <Enter>.
  3. Use the arrow keys to scroll down and highlight the field labeled either "System Memory Parity" or "Memory Parity Checking."
  4. Press the right arrow key to change the setting to DISABLED.
  5. Press <Esc> to exit the CMOS setup menu.
Be sure to 'Save' changes to CMOS before rebooting your system.